Critter hunting, and the one that got away.

Guys, you are not going to believe this but, I caught one!  I finally caught one of those pesky prairie dogs!  You should have seen it, it was so cool!

I saw the little rat, he ran into his hole, so I waited.  I waited so long I thought I’d surely fall asleep but then… POUNCE!!!

I got the sneaky guy.  I was quicker! Haha!

Uh, Mr. Elliot, if you caught him, why don’t you have him? I know you didn’t eat him…

Oi! He got away when I tried to reposition him on the grass for eating, ok? Now go away!

Well I almost caught one too you know.  He shrieked so loud when I nearly snapped him. 

I didn’t ‘nearly’ get one. I DID get one. He just got away after.

Sure he did.

Hey! Mom took pictures of me and him see!

All I see is you chasing him and him getting away.

Grrr…  Mom! Reeces is saying I didn’t get a critter!!!!

Ha ha ha!  Mr. Elliot couldn’t catch it!

I’m going to get her, then you won’t be laughing at me!

Well, while he is gone to get Mom, it’s my turn to talk freely.

After our day today of critters and outside time, mom and dad finished up in Calgary. Now we are on our way to Winnipeg. Hopefully from there it’s back home to Ontario. This weekend is our weekend off at home. 

Critter hunting in our own back yard is always the best!

Goodnight everyone!

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