Fishes come from a can…

Fishes come from a can,

They were put there by a man,

In a factory downtown.

If I had my little way,

I’d eat Fishes every day…

Uh, Mr. Elliot, isn’t that song about peaches?

Oh, what do you know?

I know everyone is here now…

Oh! Uh, hi everyone, uh, sorry about that! Mom gave me a bit of fish earlier.  Tuna to be exact. Mmmmmm mmmmmm.

Anyway, welcome everyone.

We made it to Calgary today!


We were supposed to go to B.C. after but mom and dad are having truck problems, so they say the mountains are not good now.

Aww, no B.C. grass for me.

For us you mean Reeces.

Oh, yea, you too. Heh.


Now we wait to find out what mom and dad do next. For us, that means outside time in Calgary.


So, if you’ll excuse us, we have graso to sniff (and hopefully more fish to eat…)

Eww fish are gross!

More for me!

Bye everyone!


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