Naps and cows

Hey everyone.

Today we traveled from Calgary to Regina. While in Calgary we had a fun time waiting for a load.  Dad took us out and I got to chase some more Prairie dogs!

While driving I saw a calf outside it’s fence trying to get back in.  Mom said we couldn’t stop as there was nowhere to pull over (and we didn’t know how to help if we did anyway).

I would have taken pictures, but mom was driving, dad was asleep, and I can’t get the darn camera to work without thumbs!

What do you mean you saw a calf when I was asleep? I wasn’t asleep that long!

Ha, you think so, but mom had time to take this:


Hey! No fair.

Ha ha!  She caught you two cuddling.

You’re just jealous I get cuddles.

I get them too if I want ’em.

Anyway, tomorrow we continue on to Winnipeg.

Hopefully I can do some more critter hunting.

Until then, have a great night everyone!


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