Lazy days

Today was a day off from traveling. We got to spend the day in Calgary.

It’s relaxing to have the day off.  As much as we like traveling, a day where nothing is moving is also nice.  (Plus mom and dad clean all our stuff on these days so we can make ’em dirty again!)

They bought Reeces a new collar too…


I don’t think I like it much!

Ha ha! I do, no more hiding for you with that bell!

Humph. I will see to its silence… mark my words!

Hehe, until then, I laugh at you with every move you make!

All fun aside though, tomorrow we are back at it.  Unloading and reloading yet to come, then off back east once again.  One more week after that, then it’s home time for us.

A few days at home, running the yard and chasing critters on my own turf. Just what a cat needs after a long time away!

Yea, and no stupid jingle collars!

Ha ha, I’m going to try to get mom to keep that on you!

Don’t even think about it!!!!

Already am!

Goodnight everyone!

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