Mornings in the truck.

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all going to have a great day!

I love sleeping in the truck while mom and dad drive. Waking up somewhere new is fun.




We woke up this morning to find ourselves in a little place called Smooth Rock Falls.  It’s nice and quiet here.

Mornings in the truck are nice.  Everything is calm and we get to relax.

I snuggle with mom and dad on the bed!

More like on them!

This morning is a little different though.  Mom and dad picked something up for a friend along the way, so our cab is a bit too cramped today.  I am not a fan.

I am! Something new to climb on!

Ugh, you climb on everything.  Half the time you end up falling on me!

I do not!

It’s too early to argue Reeces.


Anyway, we are off to continue our trip out west.

Have a great day everyone!

Bye bye!!!!

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